fresh salmon head

Fair Trade, A Barter and Fresh Salmon for Dinner

Trade is an ancient human endeavour to procure enough food to survive.  Today it is largely a transaction between a plastic swipe card using “credit” (which is basically just a promise of credit based on the promise of future credit,  built on the foundation of nothing but more promises of credit between larger and larger entities called banks who guarantee their credit against more promises of future credit) and a large food retailer with the ability to drive down the buy price while charging consumers as they please for a trolley load of plastic-wrapped pseudo-food that is judged fit for human consumption according to lab testing.

Or maybe I’m being too cynical.

However there is still the ability to trade the old-fashioned way, and thankfully to pay a fair price for goods purchased, even if we can’t remove the deeply entrenched banks from the system.  Barter, give thanks with produce, share and when you buy chose fair trade – either by buying locally, fairly priced products or looking for the fair trade certification on imported items.

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chillies on yellow

Eyeball Tingling, Tastebud Tap-Dancing, Pleasure-Explosion Pumpkin Soup

It’s an eyeball tingling, taste bud dancing, pleasure-explosion pumpkin soup.  Yes, you read that right, pumpkin soup that transcends the dull  and celebrates the vibrancy of Autumn.  Forget chicken soup for the soul, this is pumpkin soup that takes you on a joyride to a higher plane.  And all because I wanted some seeds from a warty-looking, fire-skinned pumpkin.

I didn’t really need to buy any vegetables at the market on Saturday, much less pumpkins of which of  I have plenty drying under my house.  But then I saw some of the old-fashioned thin orange-skin variety that just shout hello beautiful Autumn in all their imperfect glory, and I decided I could do with some seeds so that I too can have wheelbarrow loads of fiery orange globes  next Autumn.

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macadamia chili lemon chocoate pan

Crazy Easy Super Raw Chocolates for Mum

I am in love with raw chocolate, so much so that I don’t even crave the “normal” chocolates anymore….they seem so unreal in comparison. And that’s a big deal because I’m a chocolate fiend.  They also make a delicious, healthy and quick gift – you can whizz these up in no time flat and customise the flavour to your hearts desire. Chillies and chocolates are both very dear to my heart – combine the two and you get a dose of super-hot-loving….

macadamia chili lemon chocoate pan

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Product Try: The Good Bread Co. – Buckwheat Chia Sourdough

good bread co sandwich


One of the regular stalls I buy from at the Nelson Market is The Good Bread Co. They do a great  spelt & rye sourdough that lasts all week and tastes so good even G is a fan. Plus they are the kind of happy, smiling couple that puts you in a good mood for the day. This past Saturday I let them talk me into their gluten-free Buckwheat and Chia Sourdough for a change…

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